40 Simple Days Summer Sermon Series

June 5 - July 15

It seems like summer, instead of being a relaxing time, turns into a time of hectic busyness. But Jesus says, I have come so that you can live life to the full. Do you think he meant full calendars? Or something so much greater than that. Here's what we know. We will never experience the kind of life that Jesus wants to bring us, if our lives are too crowded or too busy to fully grasp it. So, this summer, we want to help you kick the bad habits, start some good ones, slow down and take a breath across #40SimpleDays.

We know that summer is time of vacations, traveling, and plans so we have also developed a way to take the series with you through our 40 Simple Days Reading Guide and the ability to watch or listen to our sermons on the go.

Stay tuned as this page gets updated with new weekly challenges, classes and more and check out all the options below!

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