High School - Follow the steps below to register for NT Gotcha 2017: (1) Sign up, (2) submit your picture, (3) create a twitter account, (4) read the rules, and (5) acquire your Nerf™ gun(s).

(If you're a middle schooler, click here.)

Wed, 9/6, 6:30 PM | BattleZone Event 1

Wed, 9/13, 6:30 PM | BattleZone Event 2

Wed, 9/20, 6:30 PM | BattleZone Event 3

Wed, 9/27, 6:30 PM | BattleZone Event 4

Wed, 10/4, 6:30 PM | NT Gotcha Championship

(2) Submit your picture

After you register, you will receive an email confirmation with a link that will allow you to submit a picture of yourself. This will be your “mugshot.". During gameplay, you will be given mugshots to indicate who your next target is. You will not be eligible for General Play until you submit your mugshot. Below is the link to submit your picture.

(3) Create a Twitter account (or use your existing account)

You will need one in order to effectively play the game.

  • Make sure your account is public (tweets are how you will report KOs).
  • Follow @ntstudents. We recommend also turning on tweet notifications for @ntstudents to receive real-time updates & clues that will benefit you during gameplay.

(4) Read the rules

(5) Acquire your Nerf™ gun(s)

To see which Nerf™ products are approved, go to Section F (page 8) of the rules.