Essential 2017 Leader Information

Read this information thoroughly. If you would say you're "not a reader" (like me), I suggest splitting up the sections and doing 1 or 2 per day. In total, it will take you between 45-60 minutes to complete. If you find yourself dozing off while reading, just put it away and pick it back up later. You have until the weekly program launch to understand this stuff, so there's plenty of time.

It is easiest to read this on a computer or tablet. It works just fine on a phone too (when I did my test-read to determine reading time, I used my iPhone). The only difference is that on a phone, some of the writing might seem a little small. 

Happy reading! Looking forward to a great year with all of you.

(1) Weekly Program Launch

Be ready for the kickoff of our High School Program (Sept 6th) & Middle School Program (Sept. 10th)! On kickoff day, please try to be here an  hour early (as opposed to the normal 30 minutes) so we can re-connect as a team!

(2) New Leadership Structure

Our new leadership structure (Coaches --> Leaders --> Apprentices) will officially take effect this year. When in place, this will give you much more personal contact with our leadership team, give you quicker access to tools & resources, develop your leadership skills, and empower you to become a part of leadership development. Ultimately, I believe it will allow us to reach more students for Jesus than ever before. Click the button below for an overview of different ministry roles within this structure.

(3) New Groups Structure

There are now 2 main kinds of small groups: Community Groups and Covenant Groups. The reason for this is so evangelism (reaching the lost) and discipleship (training believers) can both happen effectively. There is definitely some overlap between evangelism & discipleship, but as many of you have pointed out, it's difficult to do them both effectively in the same place! The information in the buttons below will give you a full understanding of what these groups do and what your role is.

Community Groups are the groups that meet at the weekly program. Their purpose is to win guest students to Jesus, help students take first steps, and give committed students an environment to reach their friends. These groups are guest friendly and evangelistic.

Covenant Groups are groups of 3-4 students that will meet outside the weekly program. A Covenant Group should connect 3-4 committed students with a mentor who will meet with them regularly and lead them through next steps in faith. Leaders of these groups will have a lot of freedom to customize their group's discipleship process based on the group's needs. Groups will sign a Covenant Group Commitment (included below) when they choose to start one of these groups.

Individual Mentoring: This doesn't necessarily fall under "groups," but it's likely something we will all end up doing at some point... mentoring a student (or multiple students) on an individual basis. The Student Mentorship Covenant included below is designed for this purpose. It's similar to the Covenant Group Commitment, but designed for an individual instead of a group.

(4) Student Groups FAQ

Click the button below for answers to many questions I have been asked regarding student groups this year (and some questions I anticipate being asked). Even if you don't have questions, still look over these. It will help you fully understand the system, and it'll probably clarify some things you didn't even realize needed clarification. :)

(5) Steps Toward One More

Church-wide, we have developed what we call Steps Toward One More to help individuals take their next steps. It's a tool for leaders to use as they minister to and mentor others. For student ministry purposes, we have also developed Steps Toward One More that are specifically applicable to students. This should help you identify practical next steps your student(s) needs to take. The church-wide Steps Toward One More and NT Students Steps Toward One More are included below. 

Church-Wide Steps Toward One More

Church-Wide Steps Toward One More.png

NT Students Steps Toward One More

Steps Toward One More.png

Now that you've seen the diagrams, check out the 3 buttons below. They will help you as you identify next steps and lead students through next steps.  

(6) Suicide

To equip you during difficult situations, I have compiled a bunch of situational guides. I'm not going to have you go through them right now (unless you want to). But there is one I want us all to be familiar with: the suicide conversation guide. Look this over...

(7) Leader Covenant and Updated Safety Standards

Check out the following documents, and print/sign the 2 on the bottom. Bring them to any student ministry event/program you come to!

Email me at when you're finished going through this info! :)

That's all for now. Feel free to look through the rest of the Leader Hub sections when you are able or whenever you find yourself needing them. Looking forward to an awesome year, and I'm glad you're going to be a part of it!