How to Lead Students Through Next Steps

The Next Steps for NT Students are designed to be a roadmap of sorts for students to pursue the immeasurably more God has for them. It is important to remember that not all students take these steps at the same rate or in the same order… And most students move one step at a time! Looking big picture, the system works really well in a left-to-right fashion, but we must always remember that each student is an individual who is walking through life in a unique way! You may be encouraging one to get baptized, another to start a daily encounter with God, another to join a Covenant Group, and another to make Sunday Celebration a regular commitment.

  • While Sunday Celebration is the first step for some students, others will start out in a Community Group. 
  • Some students could even be in Leadership positions but still need to take the step of becoming actively involved in a Community Group.
  • Some students who are already a part of a Covenant Group/Mentorship still need to be challenged to begin actively doing Kingdom Work.
  • Some students who already have a Daily Encounter with God still need to take the step of Baptism

As a leader, you are uniquely positioned to help your student take their next step, whatever that may be. This could happen in a group, over coffee, at a nail-painting party, or even after a game of basketball or ultimate frisbee! Be on the lookout for opportunities to challenge your student to grow.

Leading a Student Through Next Steps

(1) Ask student the question, “what is your next step?” 

They might know already! It’s incredibly powerful when students make an important realization on their own & follow through with it.

(2) Give them guidance when they need it. 

Students won’t always know their next steps; there are times when they will need your guidance! Below are some good questions you could ask them to help determine what their potential next steps are! (You do NOT have to ask these word-for-word. Be yourself!)

  • General | “Where are you in your relationship with God?”
  • Salvation/Baptism | “Have you made the decision to accept Jesus as Lord & Savior?” (Do you want to?)
  • Salvation/Baptism | “Have you ever made the decision to become a follower of Jesus? (Do you want to?)
  • Baptism | “Have you ever been baptized?” (Would you like to?)
  • Covenant Group | “Are you in a Covenant Group?” (Do you think it’s time to join one?)
  • Covenant Group | “Who is pouring into you?” —> Kingdom Work | “Who are you pouring into?”
  • Daily Encounter | “Do you have a Daily Encounter with God?” (Have you thought about where to start?)
  • Tithe | “When you receive money or resources, do you intentionally give a portion of it to God?”
  • Sunday Celebration | “Do you go to church on Sundays?” (Could that be something you commit to?)
  • Community Group | “Are you actively involved in a Community Group?” (May I help you connect?)
  • Kingdom Work | “Who are you reaching through Kingdom Work?” (Who could you reach?)
  • Kingdom Work | “Is there something big that God is calling you to do for His Kingdom?”
  • Team | “Are you serving regularly on a Team?” (Where are you interested in serving?)
  • Team | “Are you being apprenticed?” (What NT Ministry role could God use you in?)
  • Lead | “Are you on a team, leading an apprentice?” (Who could you lead?)

(3) Guide them & walk alongside them as they follow through with their next step.

Click here for detailed next step conversation guides.