Next Step Definitions

Sunday Celebration | attending service on Sunday mornings

Discovery: Beginnings | attend Discovery Class

Baptism | accept Christ as Lord & Savior, and be baptized in obedience to him

Community Group | participate regularly in a Community Group at the weekly program

Kingdom Work | intentionally build God's Kingdom, serving Him in your community, schools, friendships, sports, et cetera

When we talk about Kingdom Work in this case, we have a specific outward focus on seeking & saving the lost and meeting the needs of those who are poor/marginalized.

Team | serve on a ministry team at North Terrace, whether you are volunteering or joining as an apprentice

Discovery: Footsteps | go through the Starter Pack video study put together by Chris Steele

This is kind of like "Discovery Class: 2.0"; it will take students to another level of faith. It is meant for committed students who are ready to take part in an adult Bible Study.

Covenant Group/Mentorship | these are coupled together because they both exist to connect students with mentors

Covenant Group: join a Covenant Group and meet with them regularly
Mentorship: find a mentor, or begin to mentor someone else

Daily Encounter | begin having a Daily Encounter with God, find ways to connect with God in a more intimate level during daily encounters, or discover ways to get the most out of your daily encounter

Often-times, this involves reading Scripture. Often-times, it also means connecting with God in various ways that fit your personality.

Tithe | intentionally give a portion of your money/resources to God

This is not random giving or just throwing a few dollars in when you happen to have it.
This is strategic, planned-out giving. It is as if you have given your money/resources away before you even had them because you know they belong to God anyway.
Taking a next step here does not necessarily mean giving 10% immediately... It means taking a next step in that direction!

Lead | begin leading on a team at North Terrace