Student Groups FAQ

Q: Do I get to keep my group from last year? 

A: Yes! :) No shaking things up this year. There will be minor group changes only if you and I talk and decide it is necessary. Unless you hear otherwise, assume that the students you had last year will be in your Community Group this year as well. If you suggest any changes, talk to me about it!

Q: When do groups start up?

A: High School: September 6th.

A: Middle School: September 10th.

Q: So, am I leading a Covenant Group or a Community Group? 

A: The title Small Group Leader has been changed to Community Group Leader. Those of you continuing as small group leaders at the weekly program will lead Community Groups. Not much will change about your role, other than that your goals are much simpler and more clear. Some of you may choose to also begin leading a Covenant Group outside the weekly program. Many of you would love it & greatly benefit from it. However, I do not at all expect you to do so.

Q: Are Covenant Groups now an alternative to the Weekly Program?

In other words, are they "another option" for students to attend in place of Community Groups? 

A: No way dude! A Covenant Group CANNOT replace a Community Group. It is a next step to attend in addition to Community Groups. It gives committed students a good environment for the serious growth & mentoring they are ready for. In turn, it allows those students to participate in Community Groups on mission. A Covenant Group should actually increase Community Group attendance & amplify students' impact in Community Groups by empowering them to reach their lost friends. This is something a Covenant Group Leader should be encouraging weekly!

Q: How many Covenant Groups are there? 

A: Right now, none! Covenant Groups are brand new for us this year. I've heard talks of a few groups starting up, but none are totally confirmed. Can't wait to see this thing get rolling!

Q: Do Covenant Group Leaders have to lead Community Groups too? 

A: Nope! One of the biggest wins here is that people who are better wired for Covenant Groups will now serve in a leadership role that better fits their skillset.

Q: Do Community Group Leaders have to lead Covenant Groups too? 

A: Nope. For some of you, it would be encouraging and life-giving. For others, it would be way too overwhelming. If you feel called to do this, it would make a huge difference to the few students you mentor. 

Q: What are the benefits of leading both a Community Group and a Covenant Group? 

A: It would greatly increase your influence in a few students' lives because you would see them a lot more. It would allow you to do some serious mentoring with those few students, to encourage and equip them to use the weekly program to reach their lost friends, and maybe even give them Community Group responsibilities like snacks, follow-up, et cetera.

Q: Can there be down-sides of leading both a Community Group and a Covenant Group? 

A: Potentially. It really depends on your schedule & relational capacity. You may have less time to effectively connect with students in your Community Group... Less time to show up at their events, less time to talk to them, and less time to follow up with new Community Group students. You will have to decide if this is right for you. 

Is your question not answered? Feel free to ask. :)