Join the NT Students Ministry Team!

We're excited to get to know you. We have a leadership development program that follows the leader/apprentice model. When you join our ministry team as an apprentice, you will spend time under the leadership of one of our current leaders to prepare you for the ministry role you are interested in. This process takes a different amount of time for everyone, so be encouraged! Get ready for the exciting and fulfilling journey you are about to embark on. As the apprentice of an NT Students leader, your leader will: 

  1. Show you what it means to be an NT Students leader in your desired role

  2. Give you a safe environment to learn and try new things

  3. Provide you with practical training & experience in your ministry role of interest

  4. Spend time talking with you to provide you with leadership and guidance

  5. Eventually launch you into a leadership role when you are ready to lead and take on an apprentice of your own!

#5 above is our ultimate goal. We want to lead you to a place where you are prepared to take on an apprentice of your own and lead them through this same apprenticeship process!

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