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What Is Rooted?

Rooted is a journey designed to deepen your connection with God, His church and your purpose.

It is also our on ramp to NT Groups, so if you are interested in being a part of an NT Group, sign up for the next Rooted experience.

Rooted is more than a program, seminar, or Bible Study. In a world that is fragmented, isolated, and empty, Rooted is a great way to make real authentic connections with a group of people who are on the same journey. It is a catalyst for life-change through group experiences designed to help you see God and hear His voice in new and surprising ways.

Each week the Rooted material asks thought provoking questions, guides our groups in conversations, and pushes us to go deeper as we strive to see God as he really is. The beauty is, you aren’t alone in that journey.

At its core, Rooted helps us understand rhythms of following Jesus. Whether you have been following Jesus for decades, or question whether he is even real, Rooted is a safe place to learn.

What To Expect:

10 weeks — Groups of 10-15 meet once a week, for just ten weeks to dialogue over insights and questions prompted by the material.

Daily Reading and Reflection — Each week guides you through five days of individual reading and reflection. As with everything, you get out what you put in. There truly is no “wrong” way to do this, just jump in and see what happens. Come each day expecting to learn more about yourself and God.

Prayer, Serve, and Celebration Experiences — Three times during the 10 weeks the group will take extra time to pray, serve, and celebrate together. All rich and rewarding experiences.

What Does Rooted Cost:

The cost for the entire ten-week experience, including your Rooted book, materials, leader training, and Celebration Dinner is $20 per person.

*Full Payment can be made at kickoff. (Scholarships are available to all who are in need. Just request a scholarship at registration)

Our next Rooted experience launches on January 12.

FAQ Section:

Q. Are There Scholarships Available? A. We believe that Rooted is a life-changing experience and we want everyone to participate, so we’ve already covered a significant amount of the cost to price it affordably. With that said, we understand that there are some who may be experiencing financial hardship that may prevent them from participating in Rooted. We never want that to be the case, so if you are in need of a scholarship, please contact with a brief description of why you are requesting financial aid and we will work on getting you a scholarship.

Q. When Will I Get My Materials? A. You will receive your workbook at the Kick-Off event, and your facilitator will walk through how to use it.

Q. Is Childcare Available? A. Childcare is provided for children 0 yrs. – 5th grade for the 3 combined group events (Week 1 Kick-Off, Week 8, and the final Celebration). For your regular group meetings, everyone is encouraged to work out whatever childcare system fits best for their group.

Q. How Will My Rooted Group Be Chosen? A. Our Rooted team will prayerfully place participants into groups of about 10-15 people. There are many variables and preferences we will try to take into account (age, family type, location, availability, etc.), so a considerable amount of prayer and planning goes into creating groups that we think will provide the best experience for all who attend. If you have a request to be with a certain person, please let us know upon registration.

Q. Where Will My Group Meet? A: All of our Rooted groups will initially meet together at the church building for our Kick-Off night. After that, groups will decide the location of their weekly group meetings. Some will continue to meet at the church building while others will meet in various homes and public spaces in the area.

Q. What if I can’t attend all 10 weeks of Rooted? A: We understand that Rooted is a large time commitment, but we believe it is worth it to invest in the entire process. If you know you are going to miss more than 2 meetings, we ask that you wait until you can fully commit to the experience. The 10 weeks of Rooted build upon one another and steadily form a bond between group members, so we ask that each participant commits to honor each other by being at every meeting possible.

Q. Can My NT Group Participate In Rooted Together? A: Yes, your NT Group can go through Rooted together! The most effective Rooted group size is 10-15, so if your group is smaller or larger, we may ask you to include others, or to form multiple groups in order to provide the best-possible experience. Email to find out how your NT Group can participate in Rooted together.

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