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Current Series: Jesus Ruins Everything

Jesus came to earth and changed the script, even flipping a few tables in the process. He came to save us but also to show us how to live. Ruining hate, murder, adultery, divorce, oaths and revenge, He showed us instead how to live out our love for Him and for others. Join us for our next series, January 27 - February 24, as we learn about how Jesus came and ruined a lot of preconceived notions we often hold to this day about sin, hate and what it really means to love God and love others.

Jesus Ruins Murder | January 27, 2019

Previous Series: Upside Down Kingdom

The Kingdom of Heaven is Upside Down. It’s authority doesn’t come from having power over others (though it could), but instead comes from having power under others. The First will come Last. The Servants will be the Greatest. The Humbled will be Exalted. Those who are persecuted will rejoice. The Kingdom will be given to the meek and poor in Spirit. As children of the Light, we are called to live as part of this Upside Down Kingdom.

Upside Down Kingdom | January 6, 2019

Kingdom Mission | January 13, 2019

Previous Series: Behold

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The Glory | December 23, 2018

The King | December 16, 2018

World Upside Down | December 30, 2018

The Peace | December 9, 2018

Previous Series: Vision 20/20 Homestretch

In 2020, we will be celebrating 100 years as North Terrace Church of Christ. In November of 2016, we kicked off Vision 20/20, a celebration of the history of NTCOC and an initiative to set us up for the next 100 years that included a building expansion but is so much more than that. We are nearing the Homestretch of both the building project and the initiative itself. Come as we walk through Philippians and see how God invites us to say, "Thank You"; to "Press On"; and to "Celebrate!".

Vision 20/20 Update Booklet

Vision 20/20 Homestretch

Thank You | November 4, 2018