At North Terrace there are a multitude of ways to get involved and serve. To make it easier to find the right opportunity for you, we have categorized our service opportunities below.

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Kids (0-5th grade)

If you love working with children and want to help train them up in Christ, volunteer in one of these areas.

- Nursery

- Elementary

- Welcome Desk

- Basketball


Students (6th-12th grade)

If you desire to help shape our youth into the men and women they are designed to be in Christ, volunteer here.

- Middle School Mash-Up

- High School Family

- Juvenile Detention Center Ministry


Senior Adult Community

Here at North Terrace, we love our senior adults. If you have a passion for working with them, volunteer in this area.

- Nursing Home Ministry (Sunday Mornings)

- Sunday Evening Service

- In Joy (Thursday Night Dinner)

- Partnering with Widows



If you enjoy serving others through food, this area is for you.

- Tender Loving Care (Bereavement meals)

- Food Pantry

- Discovery Class (a meal once per month)

- Christ’s Table


Sunday Morning Service

If you enjoy people and would like to help us create our Sunday Morning Experience, volunteer in one of these areas.

- Communion Servers and Offering

- Worship Team

- Choir

- VIP (Guest Services)

    - Cafe Connection

    - Greeter

    - Parking



If you would like to serve at the church but would prefer it to be behind the scenes, these are perfect opportunities.

- Communion Prep

- Tech (Sound, Lighting, Audio)

- Chair Set-up

- Landscaping

- Lawncare

- Vehicle Maintenance

- Work Crew

- Security

- Photography

- Baptism Support Team

- Dress-A-Girl