NT Groups

As our church continues to grow larger in number, we recognize the importance of making connections with each other in a smaller way. NT Groups are a way that we do this. Groups meet on a regular basis and study God's Word together. They also do service projects and most of all, have fun! We will help find the right group for you. Sign up by clicking the form below. 

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Led By Dawn Tumblin

Meeting Day and Time: Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:30 PM in the choir room starting Sept. 5

Description: If you love to sing and are between the ages of 9-90 join Choir! No tryouts needed!

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Led By Cheryl Eby

Meeting Time: Monday’s @ 10:30am (also looking to schedule a Saturday meeting time for those still in the work force but currently the group consists of retired female veterans so the need has not been there)

Meeting Location: Mall, cafe court

Description: This is a group of women veterans helping women veterans by encouraging and building each other up while addressing specific needs of women veterans.We have close ties with our Zanesville CBOC which can help facilitate any concerns with VA health care as well as available benefits.We also schedule trips throughout the year as a group for food, fun and fellowship.

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Led By Zac Owens

Meeting Day and Time: Mondays @ 6:30 – 8:00 PM, starting Sept. 24 in the Worship Center

Description: Jesus intentionally made time to retreat to the wilderness to connect with God. For 10 weeks, you're invited to do the same - to join others in setting aside intentional time quieting yourself before God and seeking him in a fully immersive environment. You'll spend time in guided personal prayer, in Scripture, in hands-on experience, and in worship in a way that's very different from a typical Sunday morning.

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